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C.E.S. (Children Entertainment System) is a game developed by students from ESCAV (Granada, Spain) as a final project. Mechanic wise it's practicaly identical to ZeptoLab's "Cut the Rope", but all designs are different.

C.E.S 4 is a little robot created by the famous toy company DreamLab, and designed to do anything you can imagine! He can play with the kids, help them with their homework, clean the house, cook... And he's happy to do it! He just wants a kind family to take care of him so he can help them be happier.

But sadly, not long after his release a new model was introduced to the market, C.E.S. 4S, with a single new feature: the option to change the color of the model whenever you want. Even though this was totally unnecesary, kids all over the world went crazy for it and made their parents buy the new model and get rid of the original one as if he had never existed. This caused a lot of C.E.S. to be thrown away, destroyed of abandoned, most of them ending up in the factory's dumpster.

But one of them still has the will to survive! With the help of all his robot friends from the factory (and yours!) he can make it to the end so they all can escape and live happily in  another place where they'll be loved.

To help C.E.S. get through the factory you'll have to find a way for him to eat the nuts hanging in the level so he can gear up and get to the next stage. To do so you must cut the chains where the nuts are hooked so they can fall and get to C.E.S.. But it's not that simple! Sometimes the nut will be in inconvenient places and you'll have to use other robots functions, time the cut  or even make C.E.S. get to the nut! There are a lot of challenges, and you must overcome all of them. 

With you by his side, there's no way C.E.S. can't win!


CES.apk 30 MB

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